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Why The Virtual Classroom Is Still Important For Young Learners

Why The Virtual Classroom Is Still Important For Young Learners

Posted in Education on Monday, June 7th, 2021

Our parents choose Maple Bear because it is based on the best of the Canadian education system, which places a heavy emphasis on Early Childhood education – the education of children between the ages of 2 and 5.

As the pandemic drags on in many countries, it can be hard to keep the momentum of online learning going, particularly for young learners.  But the virtual classroom is an important part of the day for this age group and there are many reasons why they need to keep learning and stay connected to their Maple Bear school.


One of the highlights of the Maple Bear program is our immersion method of acquiring a second language. With two official languages recognized in Canada – French and English – the Canadian education system has developed a highly successful immersion program for acquiring French in every province and territory across the country.

Maple Bear uses these same strategies for acquiring English or other languages depending on the country we operate in.

Our Maple Bear teachers do an excellent job of keeping up the bilingual environment in the virtual classroom which helps our young learners retain what they have learned and continue to practice their language skills.

Why The Virtual Classroom Is Still Important For Young Learners

Photo: The digital learning experience at Maple Bear Palmas, Brazil.


Our Maple Bear program is based on developmental learning outcomes and, even in the virtual style of learning, progress is being observed and assessed by our teachers. It is in the best interest of the child to take their seat in the virtual classroom.

In some countries, being together in the physical classroom is not yet an option. Offering our young students a chance to continue hearing a second language, playing number games, discussing shapes and making patterns ensures that they continue to develop their skills, even in the online environment.


Even as adults, we know that having a routine provides a sense of security and peace of mind. Especially during this pandemic, where uncertainty abounds, our students thrive on routine.

Adjusting to the pandemic has not been easy, and children may still feel confused and out of their element. But by continuing with the routine of school, of meeting with their teacher and friends virtually just as they would in the classroom, is still valuable and beneficial.


One of the most important factors for keeping children engaged in virtual learning is that they have a chance to see their friends and their teacher. They need to keep the connections and the relationships they have made in school so they feel less loss by the changes the pandemic has caused, such as not being able to see their grandparents or relatives.

Their virtual classes are a window into their school life. When they return to regular classes, they will feel comfortable with their friends and their teacher because they have maintained those relationships online.

Why The Virtual Classroom Is Still Important For Young Learners

Photo: Smiles and joy as this youngster engages with her teacher and friends online. Credit: Maple Bear Singasandra, India.


Together with our schools and teachers, we aim to deliver an online learning environment that supports our young learners. Their continued success is important to us.

We hope that a return to regular classes will be a reality for schools in all of our countries very soon.

In the meantime, whether schools are online, in-person or a hybrid of the two, Maple Bear is committed to providing our high-quality, bilingual immersion education program and student-focussed learning system to every Maple Bear student.




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