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Maple Bear brings the best of Canadian bilingual education to the world by offering high quality education to prepare students to succeed in life. There are currently 541 Maple Bear early childhood, elementary, middle, and high schools in more than 31 countries around the world. We operate in conformity with local education regulations and strive to meet the expectations of all our parents no matter the culture or the country.

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Our Story

The idea to develop Maple Bear Canadian schools grew out of the work of the Canadian Education Centre Network (CECN), a non-profit organization supported by the Government of Canada and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

Canadian Education

Canada’s education system consistently ranks among the best in the world. In 2018, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) ranked Canada #1 in the English-speaking world in science, math and reading.

Own a School

The demand for high quality bilingual education is growing globally as more and more parents achieve the economic means to give their children a head start in life. Educators and entrepreneurs alike around the world are choosing to meet that demand by investing in a Maple Bear school for its world class Canadian methodology and because of the international reputation of Canadian bilingual education.

Curriculum & Methodology

The Maple Bear curriculum is written by our team of Canadian educational experts and continually updated with the latest in Canadian educational practices. At the preschool level, Maple Bear delivers a student-focussed English immersion learning system based on Canadian educational pedagogy and best practices. At the elementary, middle and high school levels we deliver a bilingual program that ensures students can continue their studies in their home country or abroad.

Infant Care & Early Learning

Bear Care Infant Care & Early Learning is a Maple Bear program for children from 6 weeks to 24 months of age. The Bear Care program’s warm, welcoming and nurturing learning environment is designed to keep the infant safe while allowing for exploration and discovery.


Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfill their potential. Children develop quickly in the early years and a child's experiences between birth and age five have a major impact on their future opportunities. Maple Bear sets high standards to ensure children's readiness for elementary school.


Maple Bear has developed an excellent, hands on, rigorous and relevant elementary curriculum in each subject area based on the highly successful Canadian approach to learning and instruction. The Elementary Program is designed to educate the whole child - physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.


The Maple Bear high school program reflects current research in adolescent education. The challenge is to facilitate learning while respecting the unique developmental stages and characteristics of young adolescents. Parents, teachers and school leaders have critical roles to play in the education of high school students.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals Come To Life With Education Program

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Celebrating Maple Bear Women In STEAM

When women are educated, their countries become strong and prosperous. – First Lady Michelle Obama Our team of expert Canadian educators is the cornerstone of the academic excellence the Maple…

Partnerships Enhance Opportunities for our Students
Our Partnerships With Canadian Educational Institutions Provide Exciting Opportunities

Collaboration is a cornerstone of the Maple Bear teaching methodology in the classroom. It is also an approach we take seriously at the organizational level by seeking out beneficial partnerships.  …

Schools Open In 5 New Countries
Schools Open in 5 New Countries

We know that the global demand for high-quality education is growing more and more as parents achieve the economic means to give their children a head start in life. The proof…

Miss Maria Clara from @maplebearguarapari⁠ expla Miss Maria Clara from @maplebearguarapari⁠ explains how this fun art activity was carried out with Nursery students. Our little cubs loved participating in this soap bubble activity and the result was true works of art!
#Art #MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd
Do you ever wonder what a day's routine is like at Do you ever wonder what a day's routine is like at Maple Bear? The kids at @maplebearlinhares invite you to take a look behind the scenes.⁠
#MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd
Can you imagine your child already grown up and wo Can you imagine your child already grown up and working in Canada or anywhere in the world? When you learn two languages ​​from the early years of speaking, these opportunities increase. Imagine the future you want for your child! ❤⁠
And Maple Bear can help your family member's bilingual immersion. Here the classes are in English, the teaching is dynamic and we respect the evolution of each student.⁠
In addition to bilingualism, we encourage empathy, citizenship and solidarity. Book your visit and learn a little more about our school!⁠
📸: @maplebearmaceio, Brazil
#MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd
The students at @maplebearsantos celebrated Intern The students at @maplebearsantos celebrated International Dance Day in style!

Aimed at early childhood and elementary students, dancing provides physical, emotional and social benefits to the student. The practice works on motor coordination, physical conditioning, sense of direction, posture, body awareness, spatial awareness and muscle strength.

#Dance #MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd
@maplebearuae_burj Principal Helana Adel welcomed @maplebearuae_burj Principal Helana Adel welcomed @maplebearglobal Director of Training and Quality Assurance Patti Rodger and Maple Bear Gulf Schools Virtual Academic Director Beverley Bennet at the school, as part of annual training and development as well as quality assurance processes that all Maple Bear schools around the world benefit from.⁠
#MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd
What is friendship? The Year 4 students at @maple What is friendship?

The Year 4 students at @maplebearniteroi are learning about the values ​​and importance of friendship, the theme of Unit 1. 

They learned a lot and exchanged opinions and experiences with each other. Among the topics studied, they learned about showing respect, cooperation and much more.

Here, students present on their own definitions of friendship, a great exercise in practicing written and oral language skills around a complex topic. 

#MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd
The Year 4 and 5 students at @maplebearsjc had the The Year 4 and 5 students at @maplebearsjc had the exciting opportunity to meet screenwriter, Fabrício Grellet and American author and novelist, Brendan Deneen.

They two professionals work together and have previously developed materials for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Disney Publishing and other companies in the industry in the North American market. 

A great way for students to learn more about creative careers!
#MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd
The Nursery II class at @maplebearcatanduva's rend The Nursery II class at @maplebearcatanduva's rendition of "If You're Happy"! 😍

#MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd
Through reading the book “Kaba Darebu” by auth Through reading the book “Kaba Darebu” by author Daniel Munduruku, the students at @maplebearsboamericana got to know the heritage of indigenous peoples: their housing, food, games, pets, why and how they paint their bodies, and their healing instruments.
#MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd
The students at @maplebearpanamby, Brazil practice The students at @maplebearpanamby, Brazil practice a relaxation technique.
Providing emotionally supportive learning environments that can provide students and educators with ways to calm their nervous systems, focus their attention, work with their emotions, and cultivate open and inquisitive minds.⁠
#MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd
The Year 1 students at @maplebearfloripa started a The Year 1 students at @maplebearfloripa started a new unit on author Eric Carle.⁠
Students were able to explore artwork from beloved books such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider, The Mixed-Up Chameleon, and more!⁠
During this unit students will have the opportunity to look deeply into an author's life and body of work, as well as critically assess the author's themes, characters and writing style. ✨⁠

#MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd
What is my child learning with outdoor play?⁠
Young children need opportunities to develop their bodies and coordination by running, jumping, climbing, lifting, pushing, and pulling. Physiological readiness precedes other learning. The playground is a natural place for physical development as well as for social and emotional development. Young children need challenging playground experiences to develop early self-confidence along with large-muscle skills and coordination.⁠
📸: @maplebearserbia.belgrade⁠
#MapleBear #TheBestOfCanadianEducation #BilingualEd