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About Us

Maple Bear schools offer full Canadian programs utilizing Canadian methodology and curriculum developed by our own experts from the ground up for preschool, elementary, and high school.

We take our responsibility to our students and their parents very seriously. Strict quality controls ensure we deliver the very best Canadian practices in education.

There are currently more than 52,000 students in 547 Maple Bear Early Childhood, Elementary, and High Schools operating in Albania, Angola, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Brazil, China (Mainland and Hong Kong (SAR)), Guatemala, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, USA, and Vietnam.

We will be opening soon in Australia, Canada, Ghana, Greece, Iraq, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Uzbekistan.

With its founding roots in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Maple Bear Global Schools team members and faculty work and live in many different provinces across Canada. We have offices in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto, as well as subsidiary offices on all continents.

The Story of Maple Bear

The idea to develop Maple Bear Canadian schools grew out of the work of the Canadian Education Centre Network (CECN), a non-profit organization supported by the Government of Canada and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada which was mandated to market Canadian education abroad to attract foreign students to study in Canada.

Maple Bear was born after CECN managers overseas recognized there was a domestic demand for high quality, bilingual Canadian education from emerging middle class parents, many of whom had studied outside of their own countries in general and in Canada in particular.

The first Maple Bear Canadian School to open was in Indirapuram (New Delhi), India in 2005.

In 2007, Maple Bear became a privately owned company with a dozen schools operating in Korea, Brazil and India. Those numbers quickly changed as news of the excellence of Canadian immersion and bilingual education spread, especially among parents who could see the positive outcomes in language, learning and behavior of their children.

Today, there are 547 schools in 39 countries with more than 52,000 students studying at Maple Bear schools worldwide.

We invite you to join the Maple Bear global family as an owner, a student, a parent, a teacher or a member of the Canadian faculty.

Our goal is to deliver a student-focused learning system in a safe, secure and stimulating environment that prepares students for success at a post secondary level and that instills a passion for lifelong learning. The Maple Bear Program is designed to educate the whole child - physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.


Rodney Briggs
Rodney Briggs
Co-Founder & Board Member
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Gerald Macleod
Gerald Macleod
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Maple Bear Faculty

The Maple Bear Faculty is a distinguished team of expert Canadian educators. Responsible for writing the specially designed and proprietary curriculum, faculty members continually update the material to reflect the latest in research and Canadian educational practices. Every year the Maple Bear Global Schools team of educators also go out in the field to Maple Bear locations around the world as trainers to help teachers deliver the program, and as Quality Assurance evaluators to ensure that schools are meeting standards.

The University of Winnipeg Faculty of Education and Maple Bear Global Schools have been in academic cooperation since 2014. The Faculty of Education at The University of Winnipeg delivers General Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education (PBDE) courses online and in-person to students who have been admitted to programs offered in collaboration with Maple Bear schools. A number of Maple Bear teachers have graduated with a PBDE through The University of Winnipeg Satellite Teacher Education Program offered in various schools throughout Brazil.



Giving Back

At Maple Bear, we believe that quality Canadian education can bring positive change in the world by educating future leaders to be critical thinkers and imbuing them with a strong sense of social responsibility and global citizenship.

As part of this commitment, Maple Bear also believes in giving back in the countries in which we operate by donating charitable funds to local education initiatives impacting on children and families.

In addition to funding projects, the Maple Bear curriculum incorporates themes of social responsibility and community service so that students at Maple Bear schools are exposed to the concept and undertake age appropriate activities. The goal is to turn a whole generation of students on to the joy of giving back.