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Introducing Our First Global Magazine “The Bear”

Posted in Maple Bear Global on Thursday, September 9th, 2021

The Maple Bear Global team is proud of the first-ever global edition of the Maple Bear magazine “The Bear”.

The vision of a magazine that could be used throughout the Maple Bear network has been long in the making.

Since 2016, Maple Bear South Asia and Maple Bear Brazil have led the way in creating magazines for their own geographic areas.  Several of our other regional partners expressed an interest in having a publication to share with both interested parents and potential investors.  The intention was set and sleeves were rolled up to get to work on this global marketing project.


Through extensive collaboration across regional offices, a universal global magazine was produced with the unique ability for each country to modify and customize their version to include content to meet their target audience.

Michelle Tice, Vice President of Global Communications, had this to say:

“As Maple Bear continues to expand its reach globally and attract more investors, we felt it was an excellent time to centralize some of our regional best practices, one of which being the Bear Magazine, to ensure every one of our partners has access to and can collaborate on these important marketing tools.”


Our magazine touches on the key aspects that make a Maple Bear education great. Some of the topics we cover include: 

  • Bilingualism – It’s more than just learning another language.
  • Multiculturalism – Being citizens of the world, we make it a point to build multicultural awareness among our students of all ages. 
  • Our partnership with the University of Winnipeg explained.
  • Teacher training and the emphasis we place on supporting the development of our teachers. 
  • School ownership and the benefits of our expansive global network.

Feel free to view and read our magazine by downloading it HERE .


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