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International Demand for Maple Bear Canadian Schools Continues to Grow

Posted in Global Family / Maple Bear Global / School Owners on Thursday, September 19th, 2019

It was only 15 years ago that Maple Bear Global Schools opened its very first school in Indirapuram, India. Today, there are more than 420 schools in 20 countries around the globe, as Maple Bear Global Schools expands at a phenomenal pace. In the past few months alone, Maple Bear Global Schools opened more than 12 new schools and extended its network into three new countries – Malaysia, Nepal and Romania – as well as opening its first school in Hong Kong and expanding into a new Emirate, Abu Dhabi, in the UAE. This expansion into new countries will continue, as Maple Bear will soon be opening its doors in Kenya and Bulgaria.

But growth is not coming solely from new countries. The largest and most established Maple Bear countries, India and Brazil also continue to expand and recently opened new schools this past summer. And growth continues at a steady pace in other areas of the globe too, including Morocco, Vietnam, the Philippines and the USA, which all opened Maple Bear schools in the past few months.

The grand opening of Maple Bear Sibiu in Romania. From left to right: Mr. Yann Bidan, General Manager of Maple Bear Central & Eastern Europe; His Excellency Kevin Hamilton, Canadian Ambassador to Romania; Mrs. Ileana Vranceanu, Owner & Director of Maple Bear Sibiu and Mr. Rodney Briggs, President & Co-founder of Maple Bear Global Schools.


“It is clear that the Maple Bear brand is now internationally recognized for its high quality Canadian education and bilingual immersion program,” states Maple Bear Global Schools CEO and Chairman, Rodney Briggs. “Maple Bear offers a unique, turnkey curriculum, which is constantly being refreshed by more than 150 Canadian faculty members who train and support Maple Bear teachers around the world to deliver it properly.”

“Maple Bear’s approach to education is also have a long term impact on the communities in which it operates,” states Robin Pascoe, VP Corporate Communications and Social Impact. “Maple Bear is developing the next generation of leaders by teaching its students critical thinking skills and imbuing them with a strong sense of social justice and global citizenship.”

Maple Bear Uptown BGC in Taguig, Philippines.


Maple Bear Al Safa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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