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Maple Bear Schools Support Terry Fox Foundation and Bring Terry’s Inspiring Story to Students Globally

Posted in Maple Bear Global on Friday, January 27th, 2023

Maple Bear Schools around the world raised more than $250,000 this past October to support cancer research initiatives in their local communities

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, January 31, 2023 – Maple Bear Global Schools, a Canadian company and the largest international education brand in the world, is preparing its students to be global citizens in a variety of ways, including teaching the value of giving back to the communities where students and their families live, study and work.

 In 2017, when Robin Pascoe, Maple Bear’s first VP of Global Communications and Social Impact was looking to create a social impact program to demonstrate this important value to students around the globe, she immediately thought of Terry Fox as the perfect Canadian role model for this message and judging by the fundraising results that have grown steadily since then, our school communities around the globe agree.

“Terry underscores Maple Bear’s core values of empathy, humility, generosity and collaboration”, states Pascoe, now a member of the Maple Bear Global Schools Board of Directors.  “I am sure Terry would be utterly humbled to know what he started.”

For Maple Bear, Terry Fox is a symbol of its Canadian roots and is a hero who serves to demonstrate to its students globally that one person really can make a difference.  He acted with youthful strength, determination and vision in the face of incredible personal adversity. 

“By giving back to cancer research in their local communities, Maple Bear students have a hands-on ability to see the result of their actions,” states Michelle Tice current Vice President Global Marketing and Communications, who was originally hired to bring Pascoe’s community investment strategy to life.  “This kind of tangible learning is an integral part of the Maple Bear philosophy.”

Maple Bear students, fundraising on behalf of the Terry Fox Foundation, have raised more than $500,000 in Canadian Dollars since 2017 and this year alone raised over $250,000 to support cancer research in Singapore, Brazil, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Bulgaria.  Our partners were so incredibly proud of their results and the impact they are able to make in their communities. 

In addition to this grassroots fundraising, Maple Bear Global Schools made a gift of $25,000 to the Foundation. This gift was announced by Maple Bear Founder and Board Chair, Rodney Briggs at an annual Canadian trainer event in Winnipeg, Manitoba this past June, where over 150+ Maple Bear trainers and partners were present.

“We are glad for the support of Maple Bear families in empowering our children to make a positive impact in society as they begin to recognize that their actions can help other.” Stated Patricia Koh, Chief Executive and Education Officer for Maple Bear Asiawide.

“The Terry Fox events are a wonderful celebration where Maple Bear school owners, teachers, staff, family members – some of whom are Cancer survivors – and specially our students, get together to engage their communities, demonstrating their commitment to making a difference in their societies and surroundings,” commented Rafael de Almeida Vidal Mangini, Marketing Director for Maple Bear Latin America.

“We are very grateful to Maple Bear Schools for supporting cancer research and sharing Terry’s inspiring story with students around the world,” says Michael Mazza, Executive Director of the Terry Fox Foundation. “Terry showed us that we can accomplish the extraordinary when we come together for an important cause, and the incredible fundraising effort from Maple Bear students and families this year is a wonderful example.”

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