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Growing To Meet The Education Needs In Africa

Posted in Global Family / Maple Bear Global on Wednesday, November 9th, 2022

The African continent has become a Maple Bear hot spot in recent years with our presence in four countries and in eight vibrant cities, with more to come in 2023. 
The desire for high-quality education with a bilingual focus in this part of the world is a key driver of our raison d’etre.   
According to the World Economic Forum, by 2030, over 40% of Africans will belong to the middle or upper classes. This means the demand for access to better bilingual education will rise.   
And Maple Bear will play an important part in the African education sector, by providing learning opportunities for bright young minds to move upwards on the socioeconomic mobility scale and by supporting children to dream about their future and make a great contribution to their countries. 

Let’s have a closer look at our Maple Bear activities in Africa: 


Morocco, one of the most prospering economies of the north African countries, is also home to some of the oldest universities in the world. It is no surprise that education is a big priority for many Moroccan parents who are looking for quality schools that offer the best education possible to their kids.  

Many are looking for a new way of teaching that fosters 21st-century skills, like critical thinking, independence and collaboration.  In addition, this group of parents are also hoping their children acquire strong English skills, not just French and Arabic, which are commonly taught at most schools. 

However, the choices of schools offering innovative learning styles and English bilingual education are limited, despite high demand. 

Parents want their children to receive a high-level quality education, to be fulfilled and happy to go to school, and it is what we provide in our schools in Morocco.

Jerome Claisse, General Manager, Maple Bear Morocco

Morocco is the perfect fit for Maple Bear schools, students and families to thrive.

The trilingual offering is what sets our schools apart: Classical Arabic, French and English. This uniquely Maple Bear opportunity provides students with a strong connection to their culture and mother tongue as well as the skills needed for communicating within the global village we live in. 

Maple Bear Morocco has been a symbol of success since 2010 for what is possible in this north African country and across the entire continent.

The first school opened in Rabat, and soon after Maple Bear expanded into Fez and Casablanca. Two brand new schools opened in 2022 in Rabat and Tangier, and another in Kenitra is planned for 2023. Additional plans for expansion in Casablanca are also in the works.  


Nairobi is an attractive destination, not only for tourists as the central hub to access the incredible safari experiences, but it is also becoming a hub for technology and innovation, with large multinationals setting up offices there. 

As it grows toward becoming a modern business environment in East Africa, infrastructure and investment in education within Kenya is becoming a strong focus to support the emerging middle class.  

We’re very excited to have launched the first Maple Bear school in the sub-Saharan region and we look forward to seeing the brand succeed and expand.

Raj Shah, Managing Director, Maple Bear East Africa

Sophisticated Kenyan parents are looking for bilingual immersion education so they are assured in knowing their children will have the right foundation in English to support an optimistic future and viable employment in a globally connected world. 

Our school in Nairobi, which opened in early 2022, certainly meets the demand for increasing interest in bilingual immersion education. 

Raj Shah, Managing Director of Maple Bear East Africa, was raised trilingual himself and understands how relevant having additional languages is. He saw the potential of Maple Bear’s model where the curriculum is already developed to allow for a plug-and-play school opening.  

Photo Credit: Maple Bear Kenya


Angola is a fast-growing economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, and as a middle-income country, has enormous growth potential.  

Parents seeking English language schools had limited options in the capital city, Luanda. Alongside this needs gap, international schools with a focus on bilingual immersion instruction from preschool to high school was also an underserved niche. 

Enter Maple Bear, the largest education franchise group in the world. 

Parents in Angola will no doubt welcome the arrival of Maple Bear, as they seek high-quality early childhood education options to prepare their children for a global future, starting with increased pathways and options for post-secondary education in English-speaking countries, including, but not limited to, Canada.  

Maple Bear was introduced to Luanda in September 2022 with over 250 students and offers programming for Toddlers up to Grade 2.  

Have a look at their opening day! 


Ghana is again a nascent, but growing powerhouse on the African continent. Parents are invested in placing their children on the path to future career readiness.   

But why Ghana? 

Ghana offers a stable business environment and a growing population that is increasingly affluent, and still very young. Young Ghanaian parents are seeking options for higher quality, globally competitive education.  

With English being the main language in the country, we know that the Canadian methodology is a natural fit and the best offer on the market, with Canada being ranked highest amongst OECD English-speaking countries.  

The school opening in Accra will build a strong school following and will attract parents who are increasingly looking to global careers and mobility options for themselves, and who wish to give their children a critical advantage in this regard, from the earliest stages of their academic journey. 

Bilingual languages offered will be English, Arabic and French and the school is scheduled to open in 2023. 

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