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Maple Bear Students Travel to Canada to Enhance their Learning

Posted in Global Family on Friday, February 7th, 2020

Maple Bear Global Schools has been offering the best of Canadian education for a global future to students from pre-school through to grade 12 since 2006, and the demand just keeps growing. There are currently over 40,000 students attending 458 Maple Bear infant care programs, preschools, elementary or high schools. And by the end of 2020, Maple Bear will have schools operating in 21 different countries across the globe.

Maple Bear Brazil is home to the greatest number of Maple Bear schools, and by February, 2020, there will be 142 Maple Bear Canadian Schools operating in Brazil. 

A Brazil-Canada Partnership is a Natural Fit

The Maple Bear partnership in Brazil is a natural fit, given the commonalities between the two countries – both are large and geographically diverse, have a resource-based economy and both have a significant, thriving immigrant population. Brazilian parents are well-aware of the benefits of a bilingual Canadian education and Maple Bear has an excellent reputation.

Her Excellencies Jennifer May, Canadian Ambassador to Brazil, and Heather Cameron, Consul General in São Paulo, on a special visit to Maple Bear Brasil Central Office in São Paulo.


At Maple Bear Canadian Schools in Brazil, students begin learning English in preschool, and as a result, by the time they are in elementary school, most of these students are fluent. Combine the English language skill with the in-depth knowledge of Canada students are receiving at Maple Bear schools, and the perfect conditions exist for a productive school trip abroad.

Travel is an obvious and unique way to strengthen this special relationship between our 2 countries.

Edu-Trips from Brazil to Canada Enhance Learning

Some of our Maple Bear Brazil schools have begun taking groups of students to Canada for intercultural and language development trips.

In July of this past year, a group of 10 year-old students from Porto Velho took part in a two-week cultural and language development trip, a biannual trip the school organizes for interested students to cities such as Toronto and Vancouver.  This past year, the students came to Vancouver, where they spent 15 hours each week in English classes and the rest of the time on cultural excursions and activities.  While in Canada, the students were split into groups with other visiting international students.  The Brazilian students loved the opportunity to interact with all their new friends and they also thoroughly enjoyed the sightseeing, sports and arts activities they participated in.


“Providing our students with the opportunity to experience Canadian culture, so rooted in our school life, through a carefully structured student exchange program is something magnificent.” states Fernanda Bordalo, Academic Director at Maple Bear Porto Velho. “It is rewarding to watch these enthusiastic students become more mature as a result of this fun experience.”

These international trips give the students a chance to improve their English fluency and learn to accept become more accepting of different cultural perspectives.

It is a true hands-on learning opportunity in global citizenship.

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