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New Beginnings at Maple Bear South Asia

Posted in Global Family / Maple Bear Global on Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

The beginning of Maple Bear is marked by the year 2005 with the opening of our very first school in Indirapuram (Delhi) in India. It was a defining moment that launched us into becoming one of the fastest growing international educational brands in the world.

Hazel Siromoni, Director of Maple Bear South Asia, has been the face and voice of Maple Bear India, leading the organization with her enthusiasm and her dedication to bringing high quality bilingual Canadian education to communities all across India.

Farewell to Hazel Siromoni

After 15 years, Hazel is leaving Maple Bear to pursue other opportunities.

“We truly appreciate all the hard work and effort that she has put in to develop Maple Bear India to a network of over 100 schools throughout the country. She will be missed and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours,” says Rodney Briggs, President and Co-Founder of Maple Bear Global Schools.

Alok Kumar Modi, Chairman of Maple Bear South Asia had this to say: “Hazel’s contribution to Maple Bear India has been paramount to building Maple Bear as one of the most recognized preschool brands in India. We are grateful and appreciative of all her efforts.”

Hazel has many moments of which she is proud of during her time with Maple Bear.

“I have been with Maple Bear since day one and the proudest moment for me was to be able to witness the growth from one franchised school worldwide to today with 350+ globally and 120 in India. From one country to 17+ countries and the family continues to grow,” says Hazel.

From left to right: Robin Pascoe – Director of Communications of Maple Bear Global Schools, Rodney Briggs – CEO and Co-Founder of Maple Bear Global Schools, Lenna Glade – VP Academic of Maple Bear Global Schools, Hazel Siromoni – Director of Maple Bear South Asia, Alok Kumar Modi – Chairman of Maple Bear South Asia.

A New Leader For Our India Operations 

The leadership of Maple Bear South Asia is now passed on to Sumit Taxali, CEO, and we welcome him to our global Maple Bear team. Sumit has over 15 years of rich experience working closely with educational institutions across India.

Rodney sees a promising future: “We have every confidence that he will utilize those skills and his experience to take Maple Bear India to the next level and achieve our goal of being a top education brand in India with triple the number of schools.”

Sumit’s professional experience in the education space is no accident.

No Child Should be Denied Quality Education

“All my life I have been driven by my strong belief that every child should have access to a high-quality education. Education changes lives. I know that it changed mine and no child should be denied the transformative power of a great education,” says Sumit.

Sumit is excited to get started in his CEO role and is keen to implement the strategies necessary to serve and support the existing schools as well as continuing to expand the Maple Bear brand throughout India.

“During my 15 years in the education sector, it became very clear to me that with the right kind of education, guidance and teaching methodologies, learners can do big things in life and will set them up for success. Maple Bear is the school that will support the growth of our kids in this way,” says Sumit.

It was the Roman philosopher Seneca who said,

We wish Hazel all the best in her future endeavours and are looking forward to working together with Sumit in taking Maple Bear South Asia to the next level.


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