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"Working for Maple Bear Vietnam has been a rewarding experience. This experience has allowed me to put my Canadian teaching skills into practice while engaging in a rich culture. The curriculum nicely blends Canadian philosophical teaching practices with Vietnamese culture creating a dynamic resource. Throughout my experience, I have received wonderful support from the parents who continue to contribute to the greater school community. This will truly be an experience I will never forget!"

Jordan Norris, Canadian B.Ed.

Maple Bear Hanoi, Vietnam

"Maple Bear has been an amazing experience for me. This organization has not only provided me with the opportunity to pursue my teaching career, but has allowed me to experience a new culture and way of life. Maple Bear’s Canadian curriculum is organized to foster the learning experience of all children at any level and allows teachers to explore their teaching creativity to ensure a quality education for every student. As a new teacher, I am extremely happy to be working for an organization that inspires learning growth and creativity and challenges students to rise to their full potential in a warm and caring learning environment."

Kelsey McCutcheon, Canadian BEd

Maple Bear Yongin, South Korea

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